About Me


Hi! My name is Kitty.  I am an undergraduate student in London and I’ve been writing and making stories since I first learned how. My life is pretty accurately represented by my bedroom; 80% books, notebooks and colouring pencils, 15% clutter, nostalgia and unfinished projects, and 5% floral duvets and fairy lights.

If I was a literary heroine, I’d be a dangerous mix of Anne Shirley, Scarlett O’Hara, Holden Caulfield, Esther Greenwood and Catherine Morland.

I write about books, literature, mental health, women, feminism, travelling and history. Sometimes I even get to roll all of those subjects into one whole post. In 2014, my post ‘Three Things I Love About Krakow’ was shortlisted for the Accor Hotel Tale of Three Cities Competition. My writing has been featured on several other websites such as Femsplain, London Student, Listverse, the York Press, The Tab’s Feminist Sister Site ‘Babe’ and on the front page of Medium.

You can view my portfolio of work published elsewhere, and reach me via the contact form above.


“Tough as nails. One of my preferred political sources. Feminist as fuck.” – Katya B
“Spunky as hell. Lovely kind eyes with a soul to match.” – Caroline C
“My true feminist idol. So smart, and kind, and always stands up for what is right” – Lauren C
“Executive harbinger of sass” – Keumars
“Bitter and painfully cliched” – Anonymous male on Twitter.